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Post Company infuses Mollie Aspen Hotel interiors with earthy tones

New York studio Post Company created warm, woody interiors for a New York boutique HotelThe following are some examples of how to use Aspen, Colorado offers a pared back take on Arts and Crafts. Mollie AspenThe company occupies a newly-built timber-clad structure designed by CCY ArchitectsThe company was founded and is operated by HayMaxIn the…

“American Glitch”, by Artists Andrea Orejarena and Caleb Stein

A selection of images taken from the new book by the multimedia artist duo Andrea Orejarena, Caleb Stein. “American Glitch”Explore the blurring of fact and fiction in the United States. Especially in an era defined by screens, an over-abundance of information can often leave us questions what’s real and what isn’t. The idea that we…

A Tower of Graffiti Takes Center Stage In Downtown LA – PRINT Magazine

A trio of abandoned downtown Los Angeles buildings transformed into a graffiti canvas in a matter of days. In the last few months, anonymous taggers have systematically claimed the luxury apartment buildings across the street from Crypto.com Arena & LA Live in the dead of the night. Each tagger left their mark on one of…

Marvel at Hundreds of Mathematician Max Brückner’s Remarkably Precise Models of Polyhedra — Colossal

 Books Design History Science #art history #geometry #math #models February 22, 2024 Kate Mothes All images via Internet Archive If you’re a mathematician who specializes in geometry, you might be called a geometer. No other word could describe the meticulous attention to detail of German scholar Max Brückner(1860-1934), was praised during his life for…

Fresh Resources for Website Designers and Developers in February 2024

Welcome to the Fresh Resources February collection! What better time than now to discover new tools and resources as the year unfolds? This edition contains a wealth of resources for both designers and developers. We’ve got everything from a site that guides you on creating components across different frameworks, to a brand new JavaScript package…

Artepaño Dispatches From the US Carceral System

In my time presenting Chicano/Latino/Latinx prisoner art in museums, visitors have expressed enthusiasm that is frequently coupled with confusion over the symbolism they encounter. Many find the sign language difficult to understand, or are concerned that their interpretations may be offensive stereotypes. Their apprehension about this iconography is rooted in respect. But the interpretation of…

Europe, US Restitution Sees Halting Progress As Public Opinion Shifts

While restitution has been a central topic in the art world on and off for decades, there has no doubt been a sea change in recent years. In 2023 there was a near-constant stream of news about returned and seized objects, launched initiatives, lawsuits ongoing and settled, and agreements struck between countries in the Global…