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The internet immortalises the grumpy Oompa Loompa in hilarious fan art

You’ve probably seen the pictures from Wonka-gate, where parents were duped by false AI promotional images. One image has captured the internet and caused a flood of hilarious fan art. Of course, I’m talking about the poor Oompa-Loompa girl.  The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us Willy’s Chocolate ExperienceThe…

Surrealism Turns 100—and More Art News

To receive Morning Links in your inbox every weekday, sign up for our Breakfast with ARTnews You can also read our blog about it.. THE HEADLINES LA ART WEEK. Los Angeles’s art fair week, which includes Frieze and Felix, is fully underway, and reports are coming in on the can’t-miss gallery presentations and openings—and, of course, the parties, too. ARTnews’s Francesca Aton…

Microsoft Word’s Default Typeface Changed From Calibri to Aptos. Did You Notice?

When you read — a book, a traffic sign, a billboard, this article — how much do you really notice the letters? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably not at all. But even if you don’t really notice them, you might sense it if something has subtly changed. That’s a feeling some…

A vibrant Tokyo building with a vertical rainbow facade

A once dull, narrow office building in the heart of Tokyo has undergone a radical makeover, becoming the radiant Vertical Rainbow Office BuildingDesign by SAKO Architects. This architectural headquarters is a testament to creativity and identity. It also features a splash of vibrant colors. Gone are stereotypical stereotypes “pencil building,”Musashi Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. has…

A Glimpse into the Mind of Yiiokii, Where Chaos and Creativity Collide in Harmony » Design You Trust

Sam, or Yiiokii as he is also known, is a visionary artist and creative director from Montreal, who is renowned worldwide for his surrealistic and inventive works. Yiiokii combines photography and analog textures to create characters that inhabit his ominously imagining worlds. His work transforms images through post-digital edits into eerie, compelling tales. More: Instagram…

The orange aluminum walls of issey miyake flagship in paris light up

New issey Miyake flagship opens at paris   This month, Japanese fashion Brand: Issey Miyake opened its new store in New York The flagship store in Paris, located at 28 rue François 1er, in the heart of the Triangle d’or, in the capital’s emblematic eighth district. The building, which was formerly the headquarters of Europe…

Ukrainian modernism shines at the Belvedere » Art & Antique Marketplace

The Lower Belvedere, Vienna, will be hosting an exhibition from 23 February to 2 June 2024. “In the Eye of the Storm: Modernism in Ukraine” Source: Belvedere · Image: Oleksandr Bohomazov (Олександра Екстер), Three Female Figures, 1909-10 © National Art Museum of Ukraine This is the first comprehensive exhibition of Ukrainian…

‘Bean-Free Coffee’ Made From Food Waste Stirs Up Curiosity At Cafés

Image generated by AI Let’s spill it!—or rather, the lack thereof. Prefer, a visionary Singaporean startup, is stirring up the coffee pot in a new way: without coffee beans. Jake Berber with a background as a neuroscientist and Tan Ding Jie with a food science background founded this duo. Their mission is to brew sustainability…

Olga McNamara – A Journey into Emotional Expressionism

Olga McNamara, A Cultural Tapestry through Art The journey of Olga McNamaraHer paintings are as varied and rich as the artist herself. Her life experiences and cultural influences seamlessly blend together to create her abstract expressionism. Born in the sun-kissed landscapes of Uzbekistan, Olga’s early years were steeped in a world alive with vibrant colors…