You can now create AI art directly on your TV

You can use ART GENERATOR Build home assistants that will improve your life. DevMiser’s open-source project Lumina uses ART GENERATOR  AI artwork displayed automatically on TVs.


You don’t need to use a keypad to tell the television what image to display. Lumina allows users to speak an image to display it on their TV in a matter of seconds. For this DIY project you will need the Raspberry Pi 4 with 64-bit legacy operating system (earlier versions are not supported). OpenAI DALLE 3 is used to convert voice requests in images.


You’ll also require a Raspberry Pi 4 along with a few other hardware pieces. This includes a micro HDMI to HDMI cable to connect Lumina with your TV, a USB microphone to communicate with Lumina and a 5v power supply. You’ll need to have an OpenAI account or Picovoice to get the secret Picovoice API and secret OpenAI key. The access key is used to allow Lumina to hear your voice commands. The API is needed to generate AI art images on your TV and display them.


Say “Lumina” and the device will listen to your commands. You can say “Lumina a hat wearing cat asleep on a stack books.” According to a video demo posted on DevMiser’s website, you can create AI art in just a few short seconds.

It may take longer if your image specifications are very detailed. The longer prompts require more computing power. You’ll first need to prepare your Raspberry Pi 4 using the Lumina GitHub Page.

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