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There are a few highlights in the typography world that they can look forward to every year. Monotype Type Trends Report was released by the experts of the Monotype Type Trends Report. Herald font foundryThe key typographic trends they have predicted for the next year are revealed. And guess what? Today’s the day for 2024!

In 2023 Monotype predictedTo name a couple, we can expect to see a lot of maximalism, comic-book-inspired styles and textured 3D letters. What can we expect for 2024? Curated by Monotype Type Designers Jordan Bell and Damien Collot, this year’s report identifies ten trends in type and brand design set to shape the broader cultural zeitgeist. “In this, our fourth Annual Type Trends Report, we found a movement away from the trend of cuddly, squishy, empathetic fonts that many brands and creatives embraced after the alienation and stress of the pandemic,””Say Bell” “This year, in a time that can feel nostalgic for the digital simplicity of the pre-smartphone, pre-AI world, we see designers returning to the heritage and comfort of more traditional serif fonts, and also finding new creative inspiration in ’90s and early ’00s scenes like grunge, jungle, and early rave culture.”

The Monotype team, as part of the report reimagined the ten trends into worn vinyl LP cover art, connecting each trend to a particular musical genre. Each vinyl cover created by Midjourney AI was meant to illustrate the tension between the nostalgia we feel for the old analog age and the immersion in the new AI-infused digital era.

We found designers combining seemingly contradictory concepts, influenced both by nostalgia for the old and future possibilities. Perhaps this is a sign of a new, more creative era.

Damien Collot

Below is a sneak preview of the report. 


As the name of this trend suggests, EVERYTHINGALLOFTHETIME (a reference to comedian Bo Burnham’s song, ‘Welcome to the Internet’What is all about? More is better. “EVERYTHINGALLOFTHETIME challenges designers to use all the colors, textures, and typefaces they could reasonably fit in a design,”Reports state that Monotype points to cannabis company. Monotype points cannabis company Ben’s Best BLnz as an example of this trend in action, whose branding uses multiple typefaces from Vocal Type’s Tré Seals with vibrant artworks by black artists Dana Robinson and Pentagram’s Eddie Opara.

Ben’s Best BLnz’s branding

2. What is the best way to get in touch with you?

The Whatever trend is born from ’90s nostalgia, encompassing “a spectrum of styles from nihilistic grunge to colorful pixel play,”The report says. “Picture digital gradients, big, bold type, and drop shadows.” Influenced by Gen Z and Millennials coming of age in the twenty-twenties, Whatever acknowledges the resurgence of ‘90s aesthetics permeating industries ranging from fashion to music to design.


In contrast to EVERYTHINGALLOFTHETIME, the SYSTM trend is a return to structure, control, and precision. It is a manifestation of the Slow Design concept, promoted by Martijn van Der Does (the Executive Director of Amsterdam studio WONDERLAND), a concept that calls for a reconsideration of traditional principles and even a return. “Despite having an engineered feel or approach to designing letters, SYSTM projects feel analog and human-made,”Monotype is a typeface. “Softer forms and thoughtful grid-breaking construction of letterforms enhance the human factor.”

4. De-form

The De-Form style, as it is called, invites designers to use methods for typographic distortion previously frowned upon. “Maybe we need to break age-old rules to express a deep state of uprising after what we have collectively seen and experienced this year,”Monotype is a typeface.

The rebellion will be typeset

Report on Monotype Trends for 2024

5. Flux

Flux is closely related to the De-Form movement. It is fast, dynamic and reminds us of movement. Flux uses AI to create dynamic and interactive movements.

6. Quirk

Quirk finds the sweet spot for branding and visuals, where something stands out while still feeling comfortable and accessible. A slight flourish or a subtle something extra to capture one’s attention is central to Quirk. “This trend is all about finding a balance between comfort and a little bit of chaotic energy,”Read the report “where subtle quirks wink at you from behind the familiar forms of solid, stable sans serifs.”

7. Counter Attack

Counter Attack, the inverse of Quirk, is all about delivering a punch by using what isn’t there. The negative space in this image is a must-see and should be celebrated.

The hollow shapes in the center of each letter give the type a dynamic and charismatic energy.

Report on Monotype Trends for 2024


PROFESHINAL is able to appear effortless while being carefully considered. Off-handed, quirky and balanced with a professional sophistication. “If the world of graphic design strives to produce perfect creations,”Monotype – What is it? “this trend offers a counterbalance by celebrating perfectly imperfect designs that are proudly and unapologetically authentic.”

9. 100% Natural

This trend has two faces. It’s a nod to brands that want to add a natural element to their look, while also focusing on the quality of organic products and handmade items. “This trend sheds light on how our environment inspires us to create and how textures and techniques can convey raw, honest, and playful emotion,”The report is available for reading.

10. Return of the Serif

Look who’s back! After a period of dominance of the streamlined, clean look of sans-serifs, serifs are back with a vengeance. You can blame nostalgia or the comfort that comes with tradition for the rise of serifs. They are a classic style that evokes warmth and stands out in a sea of minimalist sans.

The Monotype team Spotify playlists curatedAdd a personal touch to the report by adding a video. Sink your teeth in Monotype Trends Report 2024 – Full Report Here!

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