A domehome from eme157 emerges out of a brick-covered house in Spain

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EME 157 Studio’s DOMEHOME expands existing house in Aravaca


EME 157’s DOMEHOME Project involves the expansion of a one-family home HomeAravaca Madrid, adding a new floor to accommodate an independent apartment for the family’s son. The renovationThe main focus is on transforming the terrace, which was previously unused on the top floor, into a habitable area. The design process starts with the external appearance. It is important to highlight how to crown the existing BricksThe house is covered with vegetation. To maintain a balance without excessive height increase, the design adopts the domed shape. This allows for increased height inside, space dignity, and a reduced perception of height on the exterior.


The choice of CorkThe new floor is distinctive, both in materiality and in insulation properties. It contrasts with the solidity bricks in the rest of house. The vault is made from zinc in line with the design strategy. 

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large circular skylight illuminates the house’s interior


The interior layout is based on the desire to maximize panoramic views. It comprises 50 sqm of ground floor space, which houses the entrance, bedroom, and bathroom. The 130 sqm upper floor is divided into two areas: private and public. The private space includes a bedroom, bathroom and dining area, while the public zone integrates a large living room, kitchen and dining area with large windows facing north. The room is filled with natural lighting from a large circular rooflight that was originally used to illuminate the stairwell.


The interior is characterized by a material simplicity, with a mortar floor, polished stainless steel countertops and showers and plywood and linoleum for furniture. The design teamEME 157 experiments a contrast between cold and hot materials. The original concrete beams, pillars and columns are exposed to create a contrast against the new slender metal pillars painted sky blue. They seamlessly blend with the breathtaking views.

eme 157's domehome emerges from foliage-covered brick house in spain
EME 157 transforms an Aravaca home, Madrid by adding a second floor for a separate apartment

eme 157's domehome emerges from foliage-covered brick house in spain
The architects crown the brick home with a distinctive dome shape covered in vegetation

eme 157's domehome emerges from foliage-covered brick house in spain
The renovation transforms the top-floor terrace, which was previously unused, into a living space.

eme 157's domehome emerges from foliage-covered brick house in spain
The domed design offers increased space within by maintaining a balanced height.

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